An arkanoid like game for Java Mobile

!/static/arkanerd.png(Arkanerd)! Arkanerd is a simple clone of the classic Arkanoid/Breakout game that I created a couple of years ago when Java Mobile Edition was all the craze. It is probably pretty outdated now, but some people might still find it useful. I haven't created the graphics or the music myself, but the graphics comes from some other GPL licensed game I found back then and the music is public domain. If you know where I got it from, please "contact me":/contact. As with my other projects, the code is available on "GitHub": I have only glanced at the code and can thankfully say I've learned quite a few things about devolopment since then, so please bear that in mind. :-) Also, I'm thinking about porting it to Android since the game is sort of finished and that might be an interesting challenge. It lacks levels, but the original plan was to create an online level designer. That probably won't happen unless the port to Android happens.